COBER // CreativeAgency is a Vancouver based design studio providing effective marketing and design solutions that support healthy business growth and development — solutions that unlock brand potential. Building on knowledge and strategy we work to deliver solutions that engage and inform in an effective, intelligent and sustainable manner.


Listen, Think, Design. I believe that by listening to the issues, the problems & the ideas, we will be able to think within the context of the challenge. Thinking within this context provides the perspective to understand the challenges & envision the possibilities. Designing with insight & knowledge allows us to creatively and strategically find the solution that will meet the objectives and requirements in an effective & appropriate manner.


Before you can solve a problem, it needs to be identified - it sounds obvious, but it is often a challenge. Symptoms or internal reactions to problems can make the true causation hard to identify.


Having carefully identified the problem, understanding the issues and context becomes key. Without having a clear understanding of the root causes it is impossible to move forward with accuracy.


The brief encapsulates the research, observations, and conclusions. It's purpose is to provide a clear direction for the project and to ensure that objectives are achieved.


It's time for the plan; the methods, actions, and tools required to meet the objectives of the brief. This is where the possibilities that can best address and resolve the core challenge in the most effective way are explored.


Visual articulation of the strategy is often perceived as the biggest - or sometimes only - step in the design process. It is a key step that gives visual form to the ideas, message, and purpose/offering.


Development is where the determined solution/strategy is built out and prepared for delivery to the intended audience. The quality of the development is a key factor in effective information delivery.


This is the stage where the strategy is implemented across all targeted communications channels to your target audience. A significant milestone in the design process, it makes the work real.


Once the marketing assets have been realized, the opportunity to observe interaction and engagement is possible. By harnessing analytics and user observation, effectiveness — both quantitative and qualitative, can be determined and assessed.


Adapt the solution to enhance performance - if necessary. Sometimes everything works perfectly, sometimes there are small adjustments that need to be made to maximize effectiveness.